Integrated Common Republics
1000px-Iran (orthographic projection).svg
Maximum territorial extent of the Confederation

Seat of Secretariat

Purigate, Southern Islamic Republic


Mutual security, cooperation and development


Integrated Cooperation College


30 October 2047


4.376 billion (official estimate)


$28.192 trillion

The Southern Islamic Republic was originally created 22 August 1988, after decisive Turkish intervention in the Iraq-Iran War in support of the Iranians closed any rifts which once existed between the two. Both in strategically important locations and both with influence and economic tones stretching far and wide it was simply only a matter of time, and many saw this new state as an inevitable byproduct of Iranian victory.

Subsequent annexation of Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait and the United Caucasus increased industrial output as the available resources expanded tenfold. Built on the back of the energy sector, the SIR rapidly developed surrounding nations under the pretense of eventual peaceful assimilation with the union, which would eventually be renamed the Integrated Common Republics with the inception of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkimenistan and India.